ye banks and braes


ye banks and braes

It is summer. Nature is in bloom and everything is full of life. But the person in this song is sad because they have a broken heart and not even the beauty of summer can cheer them up. Ye Banks and Braes is performed by Ellie Beaton.

   Ye Banks and Braes - lyrics

  YE BANKS AND BRAES by Robert Burns

Ye banks and braes o bonnie Doon
How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair?
How can ye chant ye little birds
And I sae weary fu o care?

Ye'll brak my hert, ye warblin bird,
That wantons through the flooery thorn
Ye mind me o depairted joys
Depairted never tae return

Aft hae I roved by bonnie Doon
Tae see the rose and woodbine twine
And ilka bird sang o its love
And fondly sae did I o mine

Wi lichtsome hert I pu’d a rose
Fu sweet upon its thorny tree
And my fause lover stole my rose
But ach! he left the thorn wi me.