Aggie Bash

by Susi Briggs

The tale o the Aggie Bash and a mobile phone gaun splash, read by actor Elaine Buie.

  AUDIO - Aggie Bash


by Susi Briggs

Watch yersels, but dinna fash
Aboot the Witch cried Aggie Bash.
She cures yer plooks and heals yer rashes,
Sells love potions tae lads and lassies.

Eyntments fer jaggies, biles and stings,
Aggie can mend aw mainner o hings.
She’s maistly wise, couthy and douce
But she has the pooer tae curse yer hoose.

His dug got guffy and stank oot the room –
Aggie just cackled an jumped oan her broom.
Jock wis dumfoonert, he’d taken the worst –
Aggie Bash is the Witch o the Fashious Curse!

Sae jist ye mind, dinna gie her snash
Or ye will get the worst o Aggie Bash.
I heard she cursed auld Jock McKirk
Fer sayin her potions didna wirk.

He suddenly lost the remote for his telly
And fun a big slug in the tae o his welly.
The cat next door went efter his budgie
And his mobile phone fell intae the cludgie.