When Granda Got the Internet

by Gregor Steele

A grandson helps his granda work the internet in Gregor Steele’s poem, read by actor Elaine Buie.

  AUDIO - When Granda Got the Internet


When Granda Got the Internet  
by Gregor Steele

Ma Granda’s ayewis fixed ma bike,
But noo he will admit,
That syne he’s had the internet,
The bit’s on the ither fit.

“Ah cannae mind ma password –
it’s gone richt oot ma heid.”
“Try the name o yon auld dug ye had
and the date that it drapped doon deid.”

“Ma Wifi isnae workin –
Ah think Ah’ve got a bug.”
“Were ye hooverin this mornin?
Ye’ve pulled oot the router plug!”

“Ma typin comes oot havers –
it’s been like that aw week.”
“Gang intae keyboard settings –
noo chynge it back frae Greek!”

Sae that’s me and ma Granda,
Aye at each ither’s hoose,
Wan wizard wi a spanner,
Wan wizard wi a moose.