The Jannie and the Slide 

by Gregor Steele

A janitor surprises everybody in Gregor Steele’s poem, read by actor Molly Quinn.

  AUDIO - The Jannie and the Slide


The Jannie and the Slide
by Gregor Steele

The biggest slide Ah’ve ever seen,
Wis made by three wee lassies,
It ran fae by the canteen door,
Doon tae the techie classes.

We aw taen shots til the Heidie came,
She telt us tae caw cannie,
“A child may break an arm or leg!”
She went aff tae get the jannie.

The jannie came wi a bag o saut,
But pit it tae wan side,
Hauf closed his een, then taen a run,
And cooried doon tae slide.

Hauf wey doon he taen a lowp,
Then birled richt roon twice,
Airms oot-streetched and on wan leg,
He landit backwards on the ice.

He gied a bow and we aw clapped,
And some cried oot his name,
Syne he walked awa wi his bag o saut,
And we slid til time fur hame.