Mrs Nae Offence 2021

by Gregor Steele

By unpopular demand, Mrs Nae Offence is back and she’s as bad as ever. Actor Elaine Buie reads anither installment in the life of Gregor Steele’s most crabbit character.

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Mrs Nae Offence 2021
by Gregor Steele

Are we still cryin her Mrs Nae Offence?
Dae ye really need tae ask?
“Nae offence yir face looks better
When ye wear yir virus mask.”

“Nae offence but see twa metres,
Please dae whit the polis tell ye,
And staun a bit doonwind o us
Sae I dinnae hae tae smell ye!”

“Nae offence but see yir cookin?
Yir mince Ah couldnae thole
Sae Ah dinnae really blame ye
Buyin up aw that shunkie roll.”

It wis wance mair up tae Grannie
Tae stap this dug’s abuse
Gran skelped her wi her brolly, sayin
“Nae offence, stey in yir hoose!”