A Dug, A Dug

by Bill Keys

A son wants a dug but his dad says no in writer Bill Keys’ classic poem aboot persuasion. But will the determined wean finally get his wish?  Actor John McGeachie can tell us what happened.

  A dug A dug - the poem

by Bill Keys

Hey, Daddy, wid ye get us a dug?
A big broon alsation or a wee white pug?
Or a skinny wee terrier, or a big fat collie?
Aw, daddy, get us a dug. Will ye?

Whit! And whose dug'll it be when it durties the flerr,
And pees on the carpet and messes the sterr?
It’s me or yer mammy'll be tane furra mug.
Away oot and play. Yer no gettin a dug.

But daddy they’re gien them away
Down therr at the RSPCA.
Ye'll get wan fur nothin, so ye will.
Aw. Daddy, get us a dug, Will ye?

Dae ye hear um? Oan aboot dugs again?
Ah think that yin’s goat dugs oan the brain.
Ah know whit ye'll get: a skite oan the lug
If ah hear ony merr aboot this bloomin dug.

Aw, Daddy, it widnae be dear tae keep
And ah'd make it a basket fur it tae sleep.
And ah'd take it fur runs away ower the hull.
Aw, Daddy, get us a dug.  Will ye?

Ah doan't think there’s embdy like you:
Ye could wheedle the twist oot a flamin' corkscrew.
Noo! Get doon aff my neck. Gie’s nane a yur hugs.
Aw right.  THAT'S ANUFF. Ah'll get ye a dug.

Aw Daddy.  A dug. A dug.