Nae Fizz Izzie

by Hamish MacDonald

Hamish MacDonald’s lively funny poem about fizzy juice with a sparkling performance by Katya Searle.

  Nae Fizz Izzie - the poem

by Hamish MacDonald

Busy Izzie’s in a tizzy
Cause her ginger isnae fizzy
She wheechs it, whirls it,
Wanners it, birls it,
Judders it, joogles it.
Shimmies it and shoogles it.
Batterin, splatterin,
Dirlin and whizzin,
Giein it laldie
And ten tae the dizzen.

Doosh, sploosh, blooter and whoosh,
Noo open the cork tae try the skoosh.

Yuch! Whit?
Yer ginger isnae still no fizzie, is it, Izzie?
Aye, then busy Izzie faws doon dizzy
Fae tryin tae make her ginger fizzy.