Pedro Puddock

by Matthew Fitt

In Matthew Fitt’s poem, Pedro is a puddock that wants to see the world. But how far can a puddock lowp? Actor and tour guide Katya Searle can tell us aboot Pedro’s intercontinental adventures.

  Pedro Puddock - the poem

by Matthew Fitt

Pedro Puddock bides in Fife
Hasna hoppit far in life

He’s sae bored it nips his lugs
Catchin the same clarty bugs

Richt scunnered wi himsel yin day
He lowps Loch Leven and the Tay

A happy paddy noo that he’s free
He turbo-skites ower the cauld North Sea

Oor puddock’s in France in under an oor
Where he bangs his heid aff the Eiffel Touer

Ower Europe he jouks, intae Egypt he jinks
Tae he’s keekin up at the stoorie auld Sphinx

Then guddles aboot in the Bay o Bengal
And staps for a jam-piece at the Taj Mahal

But Pedro’s puddock leggies are pure gowpin
Efter aw that intercontinental lowpin