The Dinosaur

by Sheena Blackhall

You’ve probably never seen the likes o poet Sheena Blackhall’s Dinosaur afore. But dinnae worry. Actor and dinosaur expert Ewan Miller will tell you all about the awfie things this fearsome dino gets up to. 

  The Dinosaur - the poem

by Sheena Blackhall

A dinosaur! A dinosaur!
We niver saw the like afore!
The beastie maks the bairnies roar
fae Sumburgh tae Singapore!

A dinosaur! His muckle moo
has teeth as lang as knives
An fin he roars, the tabby
losses as its seven lives!

A dinosaur! His ilkie snore
caas continents ajee.
An fin he piddles, lochs arise
as braid's the Irish sea.

A dinosaur! Fit dis he ett?
A herd o coos for tea!
He sweels it doon wi a lagoon
o vats o barley bree.

A dinosaur! His heid's amang
the aeroplanes an stars.
His legs are pylons, tail's as lang's
a traffic jam o cars.

A dinosaur's a fearsome breet
fin it lies doon tae claw,
Bit fin it daunces, hae a care
skyscrapers stert tae faa!